Monday, June 25, 2007

Over and Out

Not sure if anyone is still reading this, But at least one person I know can't wait to learn Lockstock's first name, so I have to do one last entry.

You know, this isn't gonna really hit me until Thursday. It's over. Yes, striking the set on Saturday should have provided closure. But it never hits me until the following Thursday - the day the next show would be. It's happened for every New Line show I've done so far. And so it will again.

With any show, I try to thank everyone along the way or it leads to a very busy closing night party. But for the record - thanks everybody. Thanks Scott for always trusting your actors, Trisha (a.k.a. Line Nazi) for keeping us honest to the script and for the cool flashlight, Robin for having faith that I would get the Running Man (and I did, god love ya!), G.P. (you'll always be Marvin to me) for a fantastic set, Seth for great lights (when they worked, haha), Russ for a great costume (and a longer string for my whistle), Ember for great dressing room conversation (and of course nailing every cue), Ann for always having coffee ready (though more so for Grease, still appreciated...), and Vicki for keeping everything straight be it tickets I paid for through Scott or got through Metritix, all the tickets under Korinko got to where they needed to be.

For those who may or may not know - that's our Director, Assistant Director, Choreographer, Technical Director, Lighting Designer, Costume Designer, Light board Operator, Concessions Manager and Props/Box Office Manager. Thanks also to Michael Daft - One of my favorite parts of being in a New Line show is the candids that are in the lobby where our staged black and white headshots would otherwise be. One of the coolest touches I've ever seen. And not only is he passionate about what he does, he's passionate about what we do.

Thanks Also to the band - Chris Petersen (lord how many shows now) - a true actor's pianist/conductor, those who've worked with him know exactly what I mean. To Jim on Trombone - ask him to tell you his Yul Brynner story, To Mike on Percussion when we saw you every night we knew it had to be close to curtain, To Dave (aka Chuck) on Bass for always playing along, and to Marc on Reeds I'll always remember our moment in Act II and that I'm the reason you have the phone you do.

I know this is reading like movie credits and the Orchestra would have long ago played me off stage but on we go...

Oh yeah, the cast! To Nick for always staying in the big part of the bell curve (inside joke), to Aaron (Lawson) for always taking one for the team whenever a generic note was given, to Aaron (Allen) for just being my guy (not really, ladies..) and for just getting me, to Leah for always knowing when your line was if not your actual line when we were getting off-book, to Michelle for finally opening up at Side Bar, to Katie for your amazing energy and attitude, to Khnemu for destoying the myth that singers can't have abs, to Cale for not kicking my ass when shining the flashlight in your eyes was my "thing", to Zach for letting me call you bitch every night (well, Cale there too), to Isabel for always taking my side in "discussions" with Tripp without him ever knowing (well, he does now, huh?), to Tripp for being my Starbucks buddy, line runner (is that really a term?) and theatre husband, to Jeff for making me laugh every night like you do in every show, to Amy for always playing and dealing with me as I played, to Deborah for your incredible support and encouragement, and to Joe - for being my Barrel, I love YOU very much... in fact...

I love you all very much. Thanks for making this show one hell of an amazing experience. Let's do it again sometime...

By the Way... you know that being an Officer is a family thing for the Lockstocks, but it almost ended when Lockstock's father retired. Wanting out of the city, the family gave farming a shot, but adjusting to the life was not in the cards. One barnyard animal in particular woke them every morning well before sunrise and continued throughout the day, seeming to have an uncanny sense for whenever anyone was trying to rest. After weeks of interrupted sleep, the family decided to sell the farm and move back to the city. Yes they did all this just to get away from...


Expecting something else sickos?

And now for the last time... Over and Out

Officer Logan Lockstock

Saturday, June 23, 2007

________, Camera, Action!

Something's missing isn't it? I mean I know it's a film reference and not a theatre one, but you know which word I mean. Lights. That's what isn't there, yet the sentence continues... Well, Thursday night we were faces with the absence of lights and yet the show went on...

Small caveat here... it was the stage lights that didn't work, not all the lights. The work lights were on and hence all could see. Scott made an announcement to the audience before we started so all were informed, and then, the show went on. At first it a bit disconcerting I'm sure for the audience, and for us - but there was also this fantastic energy - that we were all in this together, because it was something unique, that wouldn't happen again, kind of what made the Carol Burnett show popular. A bond was made and carried throughout the whole show. The audience was fantastic, and crazy as it sounds the lights became a moot point. The show went incredibly well, and the audience was there for the whole thing - standing at the end. So should any of them read this... thanks, from all of us. It not the way either of us envisioned it - yet it was one of those shows I'll remember forever.

One more tonight - I'm really going to miss this one...

By The Way... Did you know that Lockstock likes to cook? May seem a little odd, but there's a story behind it... He was cleaning out his parents attic one day when he ran accross a stack of unopened Wedding presents - candlesticks, napkin rings - you see Lockstock's Dad had an uncanny knack for guessing what was inside a present, so if it was something he didn't want he simply didn't open it. But amongst the gifts was the one that inspired Lockstock's love for the Culinary Arts... even engraved with the family name... You guessed it...


Over and Out.


Sunday, June 3, 2007

On with the show!

What an exhausting week. Opening week (aka Hell week) always is. And no matter what show you're in, there's always a point where you say "now all we need is an audience". That's never been more true than with this show. It was the last piece that made it all work. Everything just made sense again, now that fresh people were there - things just clicked - the magic of theatre. A show like this relies more on an audience than most - so come see this show. Subtle enough? And read Scott Tripp's blog about Friday night's show. Congrats Nick & Amy!!!

By the way... Even cops need a break, somewhere to take a breather from all the itimidating, bullying, whistle-blowing and of course the numerous trips to Urinetown with those who feel they're above the law. So there are places that only Lockstock and Barrel know about where they can take a break out of view of "the poor". But how to make these locations secure? Well, Lockstock was able to rig a special door at each of these locations that would only allow those he wanted access. What do you need to know to get in? You guessed it...


Over and Out.