Sunday, June 3, 2007

On with the show!

What an exhausting week. Opening week (aka Hell week) always is. And no matter what show you're in, there's always a point where you say "now all we need is an audience". That's never been more true than with this show. It was the last piece that made it all work. Everything just made sense again, now that fresh people were there - things just clicked - the magic of theatre. A show like this relies more on an audience than most - so come see this show. Subtle enough? And read Scott Tripp's blog about Friday night's show. Congrats Nick & Amy!!!

By the way... Even cops need a break, somewhere to take a breather from all the itimidating, bullying, whistle-blowing and of course the numerous trips to Urinetown with those who feel they're above the law. So there are places that only Lockstock and Barrel know about where they can take a break out of view of "the poor". But how to make these locations secure? Well, Lockstock was able to rig a special door at each of these locations that would only allow those he wanted access. What do you need to know to get in? You guessed it...


Over and Out.


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Socky said...

Got a chance to see the show, it was fantastic!! Really felt like I was undercharged for admission, given that I pay the same price for Hotcity shows and, while good, they aren't on par with what I saw. Great job!! p.s. You are cute!