Saturday, June 23, 2007

________, Camera, Action!

Something's missing isn't it? I mean I know it's a film reference and not a theatre one, but you know which word I mean. Lights. That's what isn't there, yet the sentence continues... Well, Thursday night we were faces with the absence of lights and yet the show went on...

Small caveat here... it was the stage lights that didn't work, not all the lights. The work lights were on and hence all could see. Scott made an announcement to the audience before we started so all were informed, and then, the show went on. At first it a bit disconcerting I'm sure for the audience, and for us - but there was also this fantastic energy - that we were all in this together, because it was something unique, that wouldn't happen again, kind of what made the Carol Burnett show popular. A bond was made and carried throughout the whole show. The audience was fantastic, and crazy as it sounds the lights became a moot point. The show went incredibly well, and the audience was there for the whole thing - standing at the end. So should any of them read this... thanks, from all of us. It not the way either of us envisioned it - yet it was one of those shows I'll remember forever.

One more tonight - I'm really going to miss this one...

By The Way... Did you know that Lockstock likes to cook? May seem a little odd, but there's a story behind it... He was cleaning out his parents attic one day when he ran accross a stack of unopened Wedding presents - candlesticks, napkin rings - you see Lockstock's Dad had an uncanny knack for guessing what was inside a present, so if it was something he didn't want he simply didn't open it. But amongst the gifts was the one that inspired Lockstock's love for the Culinary Arts... even engraved with the family name... You guessed it...


Over and Out.


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