Saturday, April 14, 2007

427th time's the charm...

Maybe it's the coffee, maybe it's the Red Bull, maybe it's the good mood I'm in after the Red Sox thumped the Angels last night - but after hours of listening to my parts (which alternate from Bass, to the mystery "middle" line, to almost tenor) they make sense, and I can sing them without the recorder. I feel as though somebody has kicked the crutches out from under me only to find I can walk after all. Walk - not run yet - I still need to sing it with all the other parts belting out and get all the dialogue mixed in too. AND... it's just the opener... ON WITH THE SHOW!

By the way... growing up, Lockstock's Mom was the disciplinarian in the household, and ran a tight ship. It didn't matter what your watch said, what time you thought it was or even if the church bells were going off at the top of the hour. If Ma Lockstock said you were late, you were late. You had to learn to adjust your schedule to...

The Lockstock Clock

Over and Out


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