Friday, April 13, 2007


Wow. If there ever was a show that takes advantage of the entire range of every one of it's cast members it's this one. I wish I could speak in musical terms and really prove my point, but I go from my lower notes, to the top of my falsetto in "Why did I listen to that man?" - and so does everyone else! But boy, when it clicks it clicks. And just the first time through it's been clicking, so I'm excited to get to the point where everyone is more comfortable with thier parts - including me.

Going to be a weekend of me with my digital recorder. And getting off-book early. The pieces so far have been so fun to learn, I can't wait until we really start putting it together.

Over and Out

By the Way... Officer Lockstock's Mom was one who cooked everything together in a pot no matter what. So instead of asking "what's for dinner" every night - they'd simply say...

"What's in the Lockstock crock?"

Over and Out


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