Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jumble of a Journey

Well two rehearsals down, and I can't recall a more difficult show to learn out of the gates. It's not just parts but timing. So many scenes and lines are done with not just an underscore which can be repeated, but with actual vocal parts, which, when they're over are over. And we haven't yet gotten to the Act I finale, or the opening OR finale of Act II.

Whenever you've done a show that you've heard or seen before, you know there's going to be more to it than you heard or saw once you get the opportunity to do the show. So either the cast album (See Scott, I said Cast Album!) is mixed poorly, which I doubt, or the cast made this music seem that easy. My digital recorder shot craps and I've had to get another, and I'm going to have to fill it with parts, and plunked out notes - and my stuff doesn't come close to what the other guys have to learn. And they're doing fabulously already!

Cop hats of to all! This is going to be one fantastic jumble of a journey to Urinetown!

By the way all.... Lockstock's first name? Well, you may not find out for a while... but as a child, he had a reputation for making everything better, and was given the nickname "Doc" - so there...

Over and Out


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